How to Generate Revenue From Existing Customers


Existing customers are already engaged with your brand. They consistently subscribe to your services and offer a more stable income, making them the first place to go if you want to increase sales. In fact, existing customers are not only likely to renew their subscriptions but also try out your new products, which will help you achieve customer expansion.

Marketers, salespeople, and account management teams also understand that generating more revenue from existing customers is cheaper. It costs five times less than trying to get a new customer.

Additionally, selling your products or services to existing customers increases your net revenue retention, which shows the health of your business.

So, as a subscription-based business owner, here’s what you need to do to generate more revenue from your existing customers.

Upselling and Crossselling Your Products

The best customer expansion strategy is to upsell or crosssell your services because you make it easier for customers to find what they need. That means your customers enjoy an excellent shopping experience while you increase revenue. The excellent experience encourages more customers to come back and increases your net revenue retention.

Upsell when you want to offer customers an upgraded version of a service. It might be software with more features or a system that performs a function in a superior way than what they are currently using.

Crossselling is almost the same as upselling. But with crosselling, you’ll be offering a totally different product. It complements what the customer is already using.

Whether you choose to upsell or crosssell your products, customers will appreciate that you make it easier for them to purchase what they need as a unit or single kit. You will also sell more and increase customer revenue from your subscription sale.

Understanding the Needs of Existing Customers

Understanding your customers is key to offering the services that they need, which leads to stronger customer relationships and positive recommendations. To get to know your customers, you can start by gathering more details about them, such as their age, gender, shopping habits, and preferences. These details enable you to sell to customers the exact products and services they need, which makes them loyal to your brand.

Start by conducting a short survey to get customer information. Group your customers into cohorts to make delivering similar products faster and improve customer revenue.

Offering Exceptional After-Sales-Service

After you sell to customers, follow up to ensure they are having a smooth experience. Checking to see if they have any questions and responding in a timely manner shows commitment to helping your customers succeed in what they do.

Offer ideas that will help them get to their goals and show that you are ready to go beyond just selling a service to seeing them succeed when they look up to you as the expert.

Such exceptional after-sales service is an incentive that builds trust and loyalty and makes it easy for you to sell new products and improve your customer revenue.

Expanding Your Offerings

Talking of new products, it’s essential that you keep checking to see if your customer’s needs and demands have changed over time. If you notice they have changed, then it’s time to update the service you offer to match their new demands. This is a customer expansion strategy that increases your net revenue retention and differentiates you from competitors.

Also, remember to update customer data, including their demographic, to ensure what you sell to customers is relevant.

Designing Loyalty Rewards Programs for Customers

Offering well-designed loyalty rewards can help increase net revenue retention, generate more customer revenue, and increase referrals.

Loyalty rewards are a great way to reward your customers for desirable habits like frequently buying and earning points. It encourages customers to keep subscribing because they know they’ll get something extra.

When implementing your loyalty program, it’s important to ensure your loyal customers get an exclusive reward to differentiate them from other customers.

Nudge Former Customers

Some customers might subscribe to your service once, but they don’t do it again. You can offer them exclusive deals to encourage them to subscribe again. For example, you can reengage them by sending an email and offering a good discount that will entice them to become active customers.

When you manage to sell to customers who have done business with you only once, you can increase customer revenue, especially if you nudge many of them.


Focusing on existing clients makes boosting your sales and customer revenue easier and cheaper than trying to acquire new ones. Take advantage of the strong connection between you and your existing customers and come up with a customer expansion strategy that works. It will help you generate a steady increase in sales.