Upsell with Precision

Discover accounts ready for expansion. Uncover customers who are shopping competitors. Turn intent into actions that grow revenue.

Targeted Account Expansion

Sell to the right Customers at the Right Time

Pinpoint accounts that have new needs or buying interests. Enrich your customer data with intent signals and surface the accounts that are ready to buy now.

Prioritize the right deals

14,000 B2B topics tracked

5,000+ sites monitored

Ethically sourced and privacy compliant

Always On Risk Identification

Act on risk before it's a problem.

Automatically surface churn threats, including alerts when your customers are researching your competitors. Proactively get customers back on track to renewal and expansion.

Competitive research alerts

Automated risk scoring

Customer milestone tracking


Renewal and Expansion Operations, Made Easy

Work together on what matters, and ensure everyone is on the same page. Seamless task management, workflows, and analytics help you hit your goals with a collective effort.

Real-time retention analytics

Streamlined Task Management

Custom workflows

Customer quotes

Before it felt like we were always late to renewal and guessing how the month would end. With Retain renewals close earlier, are more predictable, and we have a much better line of sight into risk

SVP Customer Success
Powerful integrations

Stand up in minutes, not months

Our effortless CRM integrations make Retain easy to stand up, maintain, and update. We give renewal teams fewer clicks, less tabs, and ensure they are always connected to your system of record.

  • Bi-directional integration
  • Flexible data sync
  • Modern data mapping
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